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Puerto Asis

Puerto Asís - Putumayo

The town of Puerto Asis is located 75 kms south of Mocoa, in the limits with Ecuador, along the Putumayo river, which joins the Amazon river after entering Brazil.

The topography in Puerto Asis is the typical in the Amazon, mostly with flat with a few ondulations. It has an altitute of 250 mts and an average temperature of 28C.

Puerto Asis is the most populated town in Putumayo with aproximately 70.000 residents.

Different rivers run along its territory, including; Putumayo, Guamues, Juanambu, Acae, PiNuria Blanco, and Mecaya rivers.

Its principal economic activities are agriculture, cattle, fishing, forestry and commerce.

Tourist attractions:

The principal attractions to visit in Puerto Asis are:

The sailing competition along the Rio Putumayo, held on the 3rd of January.

The Carnival of Blacks and Whites, from the 3rd to the 7th of January.

Its cattle fair in the month of August.

Its amazonic natural landscape.

## Acccess:
By air: The local “Tres de Mayo” airport has regular flights with the most important national cities.

By land: It is connected with Mocoa and Orito-La hormiga by roads in a regular state.

By water: Puerto Asis is one of the principal ports along the Putumayo river, which is used for passenger and cargo transportation to other settlements down the river.