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Paramo de Sumapaz

Natural Park Chingaza

This beautiful national park is located between the Cundinamarca and Meta State, is rich in water that comes from many rivers, lagoons, some of them declared heritage of the world. One of this lagoons is the Chingaza that provides a high amount of water to bogota water system.

Chingaza park has an extension of 53.000 hectares, the high plateau climate predominates.
Flora associated to this type of land are big “frailejones”, “siete cueros” and much more, an endangered specie of plant located in this park is the “polilepis”; plant with many colors. At the same time the following kinds of animals are seen; “anteojos” bear, puma, white deers, condors, different sort of birds and a big variety of amphibious.
The Chingaza park is open to the tourist, it is recommended to use suitable clothes for this climate. They are different access points, most of them in the calera way. It is possible to take walks using a variety of routes, all of them with a beautiful view of the nature, some of them still undiscovered.

Highland of Sumapaz

It is located in the states of Cundinamarca, Huila and Meta, above the oriental mountain range, Sumapaz highland is characterized by his mountains with many lagoons and areas still undiscovered.
The greatest part belong to the Highland of Sumapaz, with an extension of 150.000 hectares, making it the biggest highland in the world. In it many rivers born, making it and important water source for Colombia. Sumapaz highland also counts with a variety of flora and fauna typic from the highland, we can mention for example: “anteojos” bear, deers, eagles, condors, toucans, hummingbirds, rabbits, “frailejones”, moss, etc.
In Sumapaz pre-Columbian archeological spot are encounter, in some lagoons different types of jewelry has been found, this are shown in the Gold museum in Bogota, the most famous of them is the Muisca raft.