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Recommendations when you visit Colombia


Most national parks require vaccination against yellow fever, tetanus and protection against malaria. It is recommended for travellers to tropical countries to take the same preventive measures. For more information, contact your closest healt center or the correspondent institution in your country. Clothe

Colombia has a wide variety of climates, so it is important for travellers to know before hand the altitude and climate of their destinations in order to prepare the necessary outfits. It is important to realize that the cities and natural parks you visit during your stay may have completely different climates.

For more information about each regions climate please visit Colombian Paradise site for each region.


It is always important before travelling to a different region or country to know before hand about its characteristics, general conditions, accomodation, transportation and security. It is also important as well to let other persons know about your destination, your travel plans and your travel companions.

Other recommendations

Electricity used in Colombia is 110V 60 Hz AC.

Meters, Celcius degrees, and Kilograms are the measurement scales used in Colombia.

Water may or may not be drinkable, please ask in every city before you drink it. In Bogota water has a very good quality. In most natural parks you can find naturally clean water coming from the many natural springs in and around them.

Documentation and Visas

Please consult your closest Colombian embassy, or your country’s Foreign Relations Minister for more information.