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Campaign Colombia

The campaign led by Proexport and entitled Colombia, the risk is wanting to stay is focused on promoting our country as a tourist destination par excellence and a new vacation alternative for national and international publics. The only risk in coming to Colombia is to fall in love with its landscapes, people, food, fairs, festivals, handicrafts, colors, and all the experiences the country can offer a tourist.

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Providencia: “The Flower of the Ocean”

Providencia: “The Flower of the Ocean”

No place in the world can be called “Flower of the Ocean” except beautiful Providencia. A paradise island of crystal waters, blue skies, and tropical forests. An island enchanted by pirate tales, mystical star-lit nights, and Caribbean rhythms.

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Providencia, located in the west of the Caribbean Sea, is part of the Colombia’s Archipelago of San Andrés.

Find out more about the Island of Providencia…

With solitary white-sanded beaches and primitive landscapes, the island of Providencia, declared by UNESCO a World Biosphere Reserve and known also as “Seaflower”, has become an ideal place for enjoying nature, engaging in water sports, or simply relaxing.

The island offers visitors a perfect coral reef, the second largest in the Caribbean, and one of the richest on the planet in regard to marine biodiversity. For this reason, this island of only 4,000 inhabitants attracts the attention of divers from all over the world, who arrive to explore the crevices, caves, and huge walls that make up the reef.

Whoever visits Providencia will have the privilege of admiring green hills and traditional Caribbean wooden houses painted in bright colors by kind, easygoing islanders who will make the stays of visitors a special experience.

During the day, a tour around the island is an absolute must for admiring the different beaches, bays, and tourist sites, Fresh Water Bay, South West Bay, and the floating Lovers’ Bridge, among others. The bridge joins Providencia with the island of Santa Catalina, where there is a wooded hill with fruit trees, surrounded by beaches and caves that lend an air of mystery to the tour.

In the evening, the beaches are dotted with bonfires accompanied by Caribbean music interpreted by local groups. There are also small open-air bars and restaurants for enjoying a romantic soiree under the island’s numberless stars.

san agustin san agustin

Where to stay?

Hotels in Providencia are small and comfortable, and enjoy a warm, family atmosphere. They have all the essential services and are located around the island. For lovers of simplicity, there are cabins with the necessary furnishings at a very good price.

Where to eat?

Native food is one of the island’s important attractions, naturally with seafood as the basis for specialties. Fish, crab, snail, and lobster are prepared with a special Caribbean touch that is sure to delight any palate.

How to get there?

To get to Providencia, it is necessary to stop at San Andrés. From there, a 20-minute flight takes travelers to Providencia.

Take an image tour of Providencia Island:

Lovers’ Bridge – panoramic 360º photo

Photo gallery of San Andrés, Providencia and Santa Catalina

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