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Facts About Colombia

Facts Colombia

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colombia Colombia is located in the north-west corner of South America. It has beaches both in Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. Colombia borders Venezuela, Brasil, Peru, Ecuador and Panama. It is cut across by the mountain chain running all along the American continent, the Andes. This diverse geography divides its territory into 5 broad regions: Amazonian, Andean, Atlantic, Orinoquian and Pacific. According to the law there is freedom of faith and religion. 96,6% of the population is Catholic, but other believes and cultures are normally respected. Other common religions are: Adventists, Evangelists, Mormons, among others. Some Native Americans still try to keep their own believes and customs.

mountains colombia The official language is Spanish, but there is other 64 Native tongues still in use. Colombia is one of the countries in South America with the highest number of indigenous tongues still in use. The official currency in Colombia is the Colombian peso. Colombia has a diverse and stable economy starting to grow.

It covers a total area of 1.141.748 Km2 Colombia has a democratic government centered in its capital city, Bogota. The actual president is Juan Manuel Santos. Because of its tropical location and the Andes Mountain Range running accross it, Colombia has an incredibly diverse climate ranging from rainforests to snow-covered peaks, including deserts, forests, flatlands, and many others.

Its total population of about 44,0 millions is composed mostly by so-called Mestizos, and the three races that came together: Europeans, Africans and Native Americans. cathedral colombia