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Sport and Adventure

Colombia is a great place for adventure and sports. There is a wide array of choices, from quiet relax sports, to more extreme and risky sports, with Colombia’s wonderful natural features as your playground.

This wide variety of sports is possible because of Colombia’s geographical contrast including almost anything from high mountains to flat desserts. It’s cities are also a great place for indoor and outdoor sports, with a good infrastructure that have helped Colombian athletes be recognized in sports such as: skating, cycling, football and weight-lifting. Cycling is a daily activity for many Colombians, specially in regions such as Boyaca and Santander. And thanks to the growth in its use, many cities have built special roads for bicycles, and have created a network that at the same time promotes the ecological use of bicicles in the cities.

Adventure sports have also gained popularity and recognition in recent years, with departments such as Santander becoming pioneers and centers for this kind of sports, including rafting, kayaking, climbing, waterfall climbing, mountain bike, and many others. Marine sports are also popular in Colombia, and its coasts are home to wonderful scuba diving spots both in the Atlantic and the Pacific. For persons willing to enjoy nature in a more relax way Colombia has many natural parks, wonderful landscapes, old typical towns, and innumerable other destinations waiting for travelers to discover them.

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