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Región Andina - Santander

Santander is located in the northeastern Andes region, between the northeastern mountain range and the Magdalena river valley.

In the last years, it has gain popularity as an extreme sports destination.

It can be broadly divided into two regions:

The Magdalena river valley area, mostly flat, has a warm humid weather. In this region you can find Barrancabermeja, an important petroleum processing center.

The eastern mountain range creates many deep canyons, being the Chicamocha canyon one of the most famous and attractive ones. According to the place and altitude the weather changes, going from hot valleys up to snow covered peaks. Because of this there is an amazing array of tourist attractions in Santander.

Bucaramanga, the capital city of Santander, also known as the city of parks, is located in this mountainous area.

Among the many economic activities in this department you can find the panela production, made from sugar cane, the tabaco leaf production, as well as coffee and pineapple plantations. There is also many handicrafts skillfully made by artisans from different materials.

The industrial production on the other side, is mostly centered around Bucaramanga and Barrancabermeja.