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San Gil

San Gil - Santander

This town has become the central point for adventure tourism in Santander, which includes all kind of activities from hiking to rafting, rappel, and paragliding.

With an altitude of 1114 meters over the sea level, it enjoys a warm temperature with an average of 24 C, maximun temperatures of 32 C and minumun of 16 C.

Among the many places around the city you can find:

La Cueva del Indio (Indian’s Cave). Only 10 km away from San Gil, the access to the cave has to be done by going accross an 80 meters wide canyon using a cable. After walking through the cave, the visit finishes with a 6 meters high jump into a subterranean river that will lead you outside of the caves.

For rafting, there is no better place than the Fonce river, with river rafts ranging from I to IV level.

Paragliding can be practiced either in the Chicamocha canyon, or in Ruitoque, located less than a 2 hours drive from San Gil and closer to Bucaramanga.

A good place to practice canyoning is the 85 meters tall Juan de Curi waterfall, less than an hour from San Gil.

Another good place is the Duende fall, in Mesa de los Santos, where you can also practice rappel.

Other than extreme sports, you can also find very attractive places in San Gil such as “El Gallineral” park, next to the Fonce river. It is full of old trees from which spanish moss hang, creating a magical forest, in which to take a walk. There is also a natural pool in which people can enjoy bathing.
Another interesting place in the city is Pozo Azul.