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Putumayo - Amazon Region

The Putumayo department is located in south-western part of Colombia, in the Amazon region, sharing limits with Ecuador and Peru. Its capital is the city of Mocoa.

The topography in the department’s western most area, near NariNo and Cauca, is mountainous, with the Eastern Mountain Range crossing its territory and creating heights of up to 3800 mts. Here we can find all kinds of climate, from warm to “PARAMO”. The most important peaks are the Patascoy and the Putumayo. The rest of the Putumayo territory though, is mostly flat with some hills, closer to the typical amazonic landscape, with warm weather and high precipitation rate.

Putumayo also has a rich river network, including the following rivers: Putumayo, Caqueta, Orito, San Miguel, San Juan, PiNuNa, Mecaya, Sencella, Mulato, Sabilla, Rumiyaco, Blanco, Caiman, Concepcion, Mocoa, and many smaller ones.

In the Putumayo department there is still some indigenous groups which have survived the Spanish conquer and the rubber boom exploitation.
In the Putumayo, lovers of ecotourism can find the the La Paya Natural National Park, with a great fauna and flora biodiversity.

Putumayo is divided in 13 municipalities, being the most known its capital Mocoa, as well as Puerto Asis, Puerto Leguizamo, San Francisco, Sibundoy and Orito.

The principal economic activities in the region are agriculture, cattle ranching and oil extraction.

Tourist Attractions:

Putumayo has a lot to offer the tourists, both in culture and nature, but due to some public order problems, it is not possible to fully enjoy at the moment, until peace and stability comes back to the territory. Among the principal attraction we can mention:

La Paya Natural National Park

Serrania del Churumbelo

Sibundoy valley

Vides arqueological Park

Mandiyaco Canyon

Indigenous reserves, where culture and traditions are conserved.

Beautiful landscapes and biodiversity

## Access:
By Air: There are airports in Puerto Asis, Orito, Puerto Leguizamo and Villa Garzon.

By Land: There is a road in good state connecting the department with Huila department, and another one in not very good state that connects with NariNo department and Ecuador.

By Water: There are two river ports in Puerto Leguizamo and Puerto Asis. Through the rivers the different settlements in the Putumayo department are linked, and are also connected to other departments, as well as Ecuador, Peru and Brasil, wihere the Putumayo river merges with the Amazon river.

Warning: Even when part of the Putumayo department has been secured and is open for tourism, there is still some armed groups in some regions. For your own security, inform yourself of the regional state and take the necessary precautions before heading to unknown places.