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Mitu - Vaupés

The municipality of Mitu is the capital of the Vaupes department, belonging to the Amazon Region of Colombia.

The town’s name is said to come from the singing voice of a local bird, known as paujil.

It has an altitute of 200 mts and an average temperature of 27C.
Mitu is located next to the Vaupes River, as many other communities in the department, making the river the main transit axis.
Being in the middle of the Amazon jungle, a big part of which is established as a protection area in the Colombian territory, there is a wide variety of flora and fauna in the forests and rivers around the town.
Its economy is mostly for subsistence, producing only for the local consumption using tradition techniques of hunt, fishing and cultivation. The small areas where food is grown next to the rivers are known as “chagras”.

Tourist attractions:

Moving from the town to the areas around has to be done with the necessary precautions, since there is still public order security concerns and armed groups may still be found in some areas.

Its main attractions are:

The PETROGLIFOS of the Cuduyari River.

The indigenous cultures.

Its beautiful natural landscapes.

Its rich fauna and flora.

Ecological walks.

## Access:
By air: The Alberto Leon Betley airport allows access from other cities such as Bogota by small aircrafts.

By land: There is some roads in bad state connecting it with the closest settlements, but these can only be used in the summer season.

By water: There is no organized transport network, but it is the main transportation mode in the area. Arrangements have to be done with the locals.