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Caribbean Region

Caribbean Region

Is located in the North of Colombia and south America, is composed by the states of Atl�ntico, Bol�var, Cesar, C�rdoba, La Guajira, Magdalena, Sucre and the state composed by archipelago of San Andr�s, Providencia and Santa Catalina island.

Colombia is a privileged country, is the only country in South America with coasts in the Caribbean sea and pacific ocean, the Colombia region limiting the caribbean sea, including the islands receive the name of caribbean region, with the exception of Antioguia state which is part of the Andes region and the Choco state which is part of the pacific region. The Cesar state which has no limit with the caribbean sea belong to this region, considering the characteristic of his people and his location next to the caribbean region.

The most part of the land is flat, but also in the Caribbean region you can find the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, which has the highest mountains of the country: the Bolivar and Cristobal Col�n.

The predominant climate in the Caribbean region is warm, with dry and desert places with wonderful landscape such as la Guajira and wet place such as the Urab� gulf, next to the border to panama.

Inside the Caribbean region indian communities can be found such as Arhuacos and los Koguis in la Sierra Nevada and los Way�us in La Guajira, also they are some regions were black African race people predominate such as San Basilio de Palenque and Cartagena.

The people of the caribbean region is spontaneous, happy, love the music and to dance. In the music played in the Caribbean region you can fill in some way the influence of the african rhythms. The most known musical rhythms are the Cumbia, which identifies Colombia worldwide, el Mapale, el Porro, el Vallenato and el Merecumb�.

Because of the immensity of the coast in the caribbean region is possible to find a great diversity of beaches to satisfy the desires of the people who loves the sun and the sea, we can enhance those ones located in the Rosario and San Bernardo Island in Cartagena, in Tayrona park, in Rodadero, in Santa Marta, in Cabo de la vela in la Guajira, Tolu and Cove�as in Sucre, in San Andres and Providence island in the caribbean sea, everyone with an unique characteristic.

Those ones who loves diving and the nautical sport will find in the caribbean region a paradise for the practice of this sports.

The Ecotourism lovers find in the Tayrona park in la Sierra Nevada, in la Guajira in Urab� gulf and in other places of the caribbean region the ideal places to take ecological walks.

The Caribbean region is well known by his festival and festive seasons, we can enhance: the Barranquilla carnavals, the Vallenata legend festival in Cesar, the Cuna the Acordeones festival in la Guajira, the fiesta del Mar festival in Santa Marta, las Corralejas in Sucre, C�rdoba and Bol�var and the beauty national contest in Cartagena, city which is an architectonic jewel of the humanity.

The same as in other regions of the country, Colombia has establish in the caribbean region national parks, the same as fauna and flora sanctuaries to preserve the biodiversity in Fauna and Flora that the country posses, we can mention some of them: Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, the Tayrona, the Corales del Rosario and San Bernardo, the Santuario de Fauna y Flora Los Flamencos.