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Calarcá - Quindío

Calarcá presents a pleasant temperature for tourists, the average is 20°C but depending on the altitude of the zone it can vary between 4°C and 22°C. Calarcá enjoys a natural landscape with beautiful forests and gullies, characterized by the presence of different plants such as coffee, banana, citrus fruits and heliconias, which constitute one of the most important coffee landscapes of the country.

Calarcá is one of the most important cities of the department; it was founded in the year 1886. It offers rural and urban accommodation. This activity assembles almost sixty farms located in the different paths of the municipality.

You can also practice active and adventure tourism, including: cavalcades, parapente, mountain bike and kayaking in the Barragán River. Besides, there are fishing lakes near the city.

Specials dates


In June, National Coffee Beauty Contest, The YIPAO parade, West Handcrafted market and the coffee parade.