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Andes Region

Andes Region Colombia - The Andes region gets its name from the Andean Mountain Range. It's got a variety of altitudes and climates. The Andes region is the most populated region in the country, and it has a vast geography formed by the three mountain range in which the Andes divides itself starting in the south of Colombia.

This region is composed by the states of Antioquia, Boyacá, Caldas, Cundinamarca, Huila, Norte de Santander, Quindío, Risaralda, Santander and Tolima.

The Andes mountain range runs all over South America from south to north, in Colombia the Andes divide in three mountain ranges called Western mountain range, central mountain range and eastern mountain range, this mountain ranges runs through Colombia from south to north forming the Andes Region.

By the characteristic of the Andes region, inside this three mountain ranges is possible to find a diversity of geographic natural formation as snowcapped mountains, volcanos, snowcapped volcanos, highland, natural forests, fog forests, thermal waters, lagoons, valleys, canyons, plateaus, mineral deposits, water sources of many rivers which flow through the different regions of Colombia, placing Colombia as a country with high hydric resources.

Over the valleys formed by the rivers of the Andes region and the plateaus many cities of diverse characteristic has been establish since colonial times, taking advantage of the resources and natural beauties. Colombia has become with the time a touristic Paradise for his visitors, there exist a diversity of regions and landscape, which fulfill everyone desires.

In the same way is possible to find in the Andes Region indian settlement places, which still conserve their customs and culture, making Colombia a country rich in culture and ethnic richness.

The Andes region which have different thermal floors and is located in the tropical region, has made Colombia one of the richest country in flora and fauna diversity.

For the preservation of the natural resources of the Andes region, the same as in other regions of the country, Colombia has establish a great number of national parks best known has national parks of Colombia, which has become a sanctuary for many animals and plant species who live there.

In total, in the regions of Colombia, including the Andes region they exist 54 national parks, which has made Colombia a paradise for the people who love to practice the ecotourism.

In the same way, the natural accident of the Andes region provide the ideal conditions for the practice of adventure and extreme sports as paragliding, rafting, spelunking, mountain biking and others, providing another touristic attraction.

The climate diversity in the Andes region of Colombia provide the ideal conditions for agriculture richness, allowing to by one of the main producer worldwide for products like: coffee, flowers, cacao, fruits and so on.

Welcome to the Andes Region, enjoy his natural beauties and help to preserve his natural resources.