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Colombian Paradise

Portal de publicidad e información de turismo de Colombia


Colombian Paradise is a tourist site about Colombia targeting:

How does it work?

Colombian Paradise has created a special space for companies and persons willing to offer touristic services, where they can interact and communicate with travelers seeking for this services in our country.

Colombian Paradise has created a functional, practical interface for both the travelers and the companies. The services offered has been methodically divided, making it easy for travelers to find what they are looking for, and at the same time offering them complementary services that will make their stay even more enjoyable.

Why is different ?

Colombian Paradise wants to offer the best. For this reason we are not just a site for publicity, and we offer complementary information to our users. In this site they will not only find tourist services, but also information about our country, recommendations, activities, and many other resources that will help them see Colombia as an ideal destination.

Why use Colombian Paradise?

Colombian Paradise uses the best internet technology available to offer the domestic and foreign traveller the best information about Colombia, its regions, its attractions, and the best orientation on accommodation, tours and other tourist services. We offer them responsable and trustworthy service, so that they get the best impression of our country, and they become ambassadors and promoters that will make Colombia a more appealing destination to other travelers.