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Ecotourism Colombia

Colombia is famous for its rich natural resources, and its biodiversity, being the second country with the richest biological diversity, only after Brazil. Because of its position, it enjoys a varied array of climates and ecosystems.

There is many beautiful natural places to enjoy around the country: the Amazon, the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, la Macarena, La Guajira, Gorgona Island, Malpelo, Providencia, and many many others spread all around the country.

Conservation and Ecotourism

Ecotourism is a good way to show Colombia’s beautiful nature and landscapes to domestic and foreign travelers, while at the same time protecting the ecosystems, avoid its explotation, and work constantly towards its conservation. Anyone can be part of this process, choosing ecotourism as an alternative way of travellling, respecting the natural environment around, getting to know more about the ecosystems they visit, enjoying the natural energy and wonders, and learning from the unique balance of this sacred natural places, as our indigenous brothers have done for hundreds of years.

Through ecotourism we can live unique and unforgettable experiences, and help to conserve this wonderful places for future generations to enjoy.