Caribbean region - Guajira
The Guajira state is located at the north of Colombiaa, has an extension of 20.848 km2, his Capital is Riohacha. The Santa Marta mountain range produce a natural barrier between this state and Colombia.
The Guajira main habitants are the Wayúu, they have is own tongue “wayuunaiki”, you can also find white and mixed race people and the koguis and wiwa which live in the Santa Marta mountain range. The people who live there are named “guajiros”.
In la Guajira is located the biggest open sky coal mine of Colombia: Cerrejon, another important product is the marine salt extracted in Manaure, that is also one of his main products.
The Guajira Territory can be divided in three zones:
La Alta Guajira: arid and desert which limit with the Caribbean sea and Venezuela .
La Media Guajira: is located at the north of the Santa Marta mountain range.
La Baja Guajira: is located at the east of Santa Marta mountain range and the rancheria valleys. It this zone live the most of the population of the Guajira state.
The temperature lies between 25 y 30°C, with a maximum of 45°C. In the Santa Marta mountain range it can fall to 3°C.
The most important cities in the Guajira are:
Riohacha: state capital.
Maicao: is main habitants are Arabs, best known as turks, his main activitie is the commerce, it is located in the limits with Venezuela.
Villanueva: Best known for his Cuna de Accordions Festival.
Uribia, Fonseca and Manaure.
Serranía de Macuira National Park: You can see different types of forest, with a variety of Flora and Fauna, with rivers that produce a mix between forest and desert: you can see: tigrillos, deers, monkeys and a variety of birds.
Cabo de la Vela: A place that the tourist like to visit for his beautiful beaches, there is also located a lighthouse and the Cerro Pilón de Azucar, a sacred places for the Wayúu.
Sanctuary of Fauna and Flora Los Flamencos: named in that way for the pink birds that live there, the Flamencos make his nest around the swamp located in the park, to enjoy of this view is spectacular.
Punta Gallinas: this place is located at the north of Colombia, the different landscape that can bee seen there are just wonderful, for example: cliffs, dunes, mangrove swamp, beaches. You will leave this place with something to remember.
Festivales: In the different regions of this state they take place many festivals, we can name some of them:
The cuna the accordions in Villanueva, the retorno en Fonseca festival, the Dividivi festival in Riohacha, the cultura Wayúu festival in Uribia, the sal, gas and flamenco festival in Manaure, the cuna de compositores festival in San Juan del Cesar.
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