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Florencia / Puerto Rico


Caquetá - Amazon Region

The department of Caqueta is located in the southern central part of Colombia, expanding from the foot of the Andes into the heart of the Amazon jungle.
Because of this, its topography its very diverse, with mountanious terrain belonging to the eastern colombian mountain range, a hilly area next to it, and the flat-lands of the Amazon jungle.

Caqueta has rich hidrological resources, with numerous rivers, some of them even good for navigation, including: Caqueta, Apaporis, Caguan, Yari, Orteguaza, Peneya, Pescado, Mesay, and Camuya rivers.
The rainy season in Caqueta occurs between June and August. Climate is warm to hot in the amazonian flat-areas, warm in the hilly area in the footsteps of the Andes, and cool in the mountainous areas.
The diversity in terrains and climates, and its rich hidrology, is home to a rich flora and fauna biodiversity, making it a great destination for ecotourism, an activity which sadly cannot be fully enjoyed in many parts of its territory because of present security issues.

Inside the department of Caqueta 4 National Natural Parks have been established, to preserve unique fauna and flora:

*Alto Fragua Indiwasi

*Los picachos Mountain Range (expanding into Huila and Meta departments)

*Chiribiquete Mountains (expanding into Guaviare)

*Churumbelos Aukawasi Mountains

Inside the Amazonian flat-lands in Caqueta a few indigenous groups still survive, with their own culture and traditions, among them: the Huitotos, Tamas, Koreguajes, Karijonas, Andaquies and the Macaguales. Some other groups dissapeared during the spanish colonization and later on during the rubber boom season.

The department of Caqueta is divided into 16 municipalities, the most recognized being: its capital city Florencia, San Vicente del Caguan, Morelia, Puerto Rico, Valparaiso, Colombia y Cartagena del Chaira, most of which are located near the Andes mountain range.

Caqueta’s economy is based mostly in agriculture and livestock farming.

Tourist Attractions:

Caqueta has a great ecotouristic potential, which sadly cannot be fully enjoyed until peace and security are secured in the territory.
The National Natural Parks
Araracuara Mountains
Yari flat-lands
Encanto Archeological site
Its diverse landscapes and natural wonders.

By air: It has various airports for small aircrafts.

By Land: In the north of the department runs the road bodering the jungle, and another road communicating the department with Neiva, capital city of Huila, which is accesible from the rest of the country.

By Water: Many of its rivers are good for navigation, communicating the small settlements by small boats.

Warning: Even when a big part of the Caqueta department territory has been secured and is open for tourism, there is still some armed groups in some regions. For your own security, inform yourself of the regional state and take the necessary precautions before heading to unknown places.




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